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As your elected MLA for Brandon West, I bring a wealth of experience as the former Chief of Police, dedicated to driving positive change in our community. Also serving as the Shadow Minister of Justice, my focus is on advocating for fairness and justice. Explore the ongoing impact of my work as I continue to champion the needs of Brandon West residents and all Manitobians.

About Wayne balcaen

As your elected MLA and Shadow Minister of Justice, I proudly hail from the diverse journey that led me to call Brandon home. My educational path in Brandon, earning a Law Enforcement diploma from Lethbridge Community College, paved the way for a 32-year commitment to the Brandon Police Service, where I eventually became the 19th Chief of Police. Actively engaged in our community, I’ve served on various boards and committees. 


I’m here as your Shadow Minister of Justice to make sure laws are fair, protect your rights, and speak up for justice in Manitoba.


I see a Manitoba where everyone is treated fairly, laws make sense, and people feel heard. Together, we’ll create a just and caring community.

What does a Member of the Legislative Assembly do?

Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) play multifaceted roles that encompass legislators, area representatives, and often, holders of additional responsibilities called portfolios. As legislators, they navigate the intricacies of legislation, seeking to understand the purpose and historical context of existing laws while crafting new ones to align with the prevailing system of rules.

Beyond this, MLAs represent the geographic regions they were elected to serve. They act as advocates for constituents’ concerns, voice the general perspectives of their areas, and provide assistance to residents when they encounter challenges with government services. In essence, MLAs are the vital link between their constituents and the legislative process.

Key Issues

Tackling Challenges Head-On

Speaking on behalf of the opposition party on justice-related matters, raising awareness of concerns, and proposing alternative solutions.

Engaging in parliamentary committees related to justice, where the Shadow Minister can contribute to discussions, question government decisions, and suggest improvements.

Acting as a representative for constituents on justice-related issues, addressing concerns, and ensuring their perspectives are considered in legislative matters.

 Providing legal expertise and insight to the opposition party, helping to shape its stance on justice issues.

With a background in public safety and police leadership, Wayne understands the importance of a safe, secure community. He’s committed to ensuring Brandon West remains a place families feel safe.

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